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Day Five, Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today coming home from CostCo we saw an entire parade of classic old cars, mostly from the 20's and 30's, all decorated for Christmas with ribbons and glittery garlands, filled with folks in Santa hats. It was nifty and gave me great glee.

Second thing, Dragon happiness: Adopt one today!

I bred my grown up Autumn, Ametsuki, with one of my healers, Shiro Neko, and got only the second Winter I've seen (I only thought about it after seeing cornerofmadness's winter). Hee!

We were coming home from Costco because I talked Barb into buying the desk she wanted (and she convinced herself, as well); it's a very fine piece of furniture and was only about $600. We probably shouldn't have, but it's so very rare to find something Barb wants that much, I'm glad we did it.

I want the nice coat they have there - it's leather with bands of embroidery and the men's small fits really well. I haven't had a really good winter coat in a while; I had one, but it was a men's LARGE, and I grew out of it some while back. I wore it last year because it was so very cold, but now I'm not sure where it's gotten to, and while I did find a very nice coat at Last Chance, I found after I bought it that it needs mending (the back panel is split - no wonder it was such a smokin' deal).

Arm continues to hurt. I wasn't much help with moving the desk boxes (it comes in three rather large crates). I'm trying the e-cises from Pain Free, but the back stance kinda actually hurt my back. But I'll keep with it. I don't have anything that works for the arm blocks recommended in the book.

Now the rest of the brood:

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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