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Day Four - How does Caturday go by so quickly?

I was made happy by my cat today again. He's been being very silly and kittenish lately, and he climbed into the bag I had on the floor:

We got up early and went to take Barb's mom to the airport, she's spending Christmas up with Barb's sister and the grandkids, leaving just me and Barb for Christmas. Then we did some shopping; and while some of that did make me happy, I was VERY put out to find that a gift I'd planned on for nutmeg has been sold, after sitting in Tuesday Morning for two months. I knew I should have gotten it sooner, but now it's gone and I was very thwarted. But much of the Christmas shopping is completely finished. Whew! Everything we have is at least wrapped. We also got the cards in the mail. No cookies have been made yet. *panic*

Hopefully there will be something more happy-making here this evening, because I'm starting to think using the cats is kind of a cheat.
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