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Stop the madness!

I finished my writer's group commentary on time. Whee!

Now I owe commentary to cornerofmadness that I have to get on (note: hope to have that to you by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest).

The house is not completely decorated, but it's not bad. I haven't put away the boxes on the back porch, but at least the laundry is done. I didn't vacuum anything. I've been feeding cats and checking dog glucose levels all day. We did a little shopping.

We still need a good present for sillymagpie. I have to wrap up what we DO have and see what we need. That also did not get done. I said at the start of this weekend that I had better not turn around and it suddenly be Sunday night, but that is precisely what has happened.

Didn't find much at Linens & Things; there're a few things we might get if they stay open another few weeks and drop the prices still more. Maybe.

I've never really watched Desperate Housewives, but it just started and, watching it now, I wonder to myself how this has stayed on the air for years while Pushing Daisies has been canceled.

Because of the writer's group comments I have my book open, and I'm reading it again for the first time in ages and gosh darn it all to heck, this is a pretty damned good book. It's better than the piece of garbage I'm reading at work (one of the girls overheard me saying I didn't have anything to read at lunch and lent it to me). *SIGH* I need to find another agent/publisher to send it to.


Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

Yes, now I have two autumns. I wanted a spare. (Insane laughter ensues.)

And now there will be chocolate cake.

No guesses on the last few movies? Wow, I didn't think they were THAT obscure (except maybe #10, which rahirah knows because she and I may be some of the only people in the world who've actually seen that movie).

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