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I have concluded that, like John Casey, I have no calm center. It's more of an angry center.

Despite a dedicated desire to calm myself, I find I still often become enraged at the stupidest little things. No wonder my shoulders are so tense; it hurt so much last night I really couldn't sleep (and kept having disturbing dreams about Alan Shore... none of which I really remember). I woke up around 3:00, fed the cats, then woke up completely at about 4:00 and dithered for a long time about getting up and going to the gym at 5:00. (In some experimentation, I tried going to the gym early-early on Thursday and then coming back home to dress instead of using the locker room - I liked it, although it adds a few miles to the truck going back and forth, and actually getting there AT 5:00 isn't a picnic.) Anyway, I decided against it, and turned off the alarm and tried to go back to sleep. For that last hour, I DID actually sleep. Felt pretty good. Cats still hungry. Shoulders still tense. Took Advil and ventured forth to work.

I have been shoveling food down Cuervo's neck like crazy (I think he's eating at least two full cans of food a day, spaced out a bit), and he's still only around 8 pounds. I have no clue where it's going (and I'm the one who cleans the cat box). Poor hungry kitty.

I bought See's Candies for my Mom and my aunt & uncle, boxed them up in flat-rate Priority Boxes (Mom's box included a wedding photo in fancy frame plus I printed copies of all the cruise/Sea World pictures to send to her because she Will Not use a computer--although I really think she'd like it, and I don't think her age is any excuse at all), and went to the post office. Friday afternoon on the second-to-last Friday before Christmas, and they had TWO clerks working.

TWO. About fifteen minutes of standing around they finally opened two more windows, and the line cleared out pretty quickly. The post office does this because they know they have us by the... well, you know. A very nice elderly gay couple (I assumed, judging by their closeness) struck up a conversation with me, but it was hard to understand them because they were also deaf, and their speaking voices understandably slurred, but they read lips very well. Then stopped at Walgreens to pick up a cheap present for next week's gift exchange at work (they have a lot of nifty little appliance things for under the pre-set $15 price), and got a popcorn popper, since I figure that would be fine for either a guy or gal.

Work has, for some reason, suddenly become very slow and the last few days have been nearly mind-numbingly boring. I do prefer the busy days, far over watching the clock tick… So I used up my last hour of Personal Time (new hours arrive on the 1st, so they have to be used before then) and left early - considering the P.O., I'm glad I did.

Of course:

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

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