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Once again, I had something to say but it's gone now

This morning I woke up very early (somewhat earlier than planned because there was a STARVING CAT in the living room, I tell you, STARVING) and dressed warm with my "Community Volunteer" t-shirt on and headed out to the big Chicano Por La Causas holiday party, where I organized many other volunteers and we served the bulk of the Hispanic community hot dogs for four hours as they filed by after getting their presents from Santa (and checked out booths and such around the festival); it's generally a party for the underprivileged kids, the ones who might only get this party and present and nothing else this season. It was actually kinda fun, and everyone was surprisingly polite and friendly as they got their free hot dogs and while hectic, it moved pretty smoothly and reasonably quickly. The only slow part was afterward, once we broke things down and then had to wait for the rental company to come pick up the grills.

So I have done my community service for the season.

I thought of something I wanted to post about as I drove in this morning, but then I found out that Buckeye does NOT have an eastbound exit when you're going south on 10, so I ended up in the airport and had to make a U-turn, and that all chased it out of my brain.

Then I came home and dropped off for a bit on the sofa, then we went and bought a Christmas tree. I turned leftover turkey soup into a turkey-lentil stew, which was tasty, and ate a lot of walnuts as I read stuff online (it's been a while since I just had a bowl of nuts and a cracker in front of me).

So tomorrow have to dig out the ornaments and other Christmas stuff and get the place decorated, provided my lovely wife feels better.

The bi-color dragon egg died and I still can't get an autumn. Dragon woe.

Dragons: Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today!


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