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Okay, laugh if you must, but last night I couldn't get warm. I slept badly for an hour and woke up freezing, so got up and soaked in a hot tub until I could get back to sleep. Then of course couldn't get up this morning when the alarm went off so slept in an extra hour instead of working out.

Dug out some of my winter clothes. And my warm jammies. I wonder where my flannel nightshirt got off to?

I'll be getting my bonus for passing the INS Course at work. I may have spent it already, though - I think the state took my picture yesterday morning as I was going in to work. Dang speed cameras. (My own fault, I saw the truck sitting there and should have braked; I wasn't going THAT fast.) And just when we really need the money, too.

My problem is, I do drive fast. I always have. I often suspect I am a frustrated NASCAR driver at heart. Thing about me, though, is I'm also a careful, intelligent driver and not a stupid one, and therefore, over 25 years, no accidents. I know when it's SAFE to speed, and I don't speed when it's not "reasonable and prudent." But try telling them that in a court. (Apparently, though, it can be done.)

My NaNo Novel, Wordle style:

Dragons: Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today! * * Adopt one today!

Despite sitting in the cave for two separate top-of-the-hour egg dumps, and at least a dozen attempts, I couldn't get an autumn. I bred one, but lost it because the site is so slow. Why am I addicted to these stupid things?

On Saturday I have to get up early since I am the coordinator for the Chicano Por La Causas holiday event. Six hours of serving free food to the teeming masses of downtown Phoenix. It's a good cause, right?

Above: The Good Ship Glory, the Carnival Ecstasy (which pulled in alongside as we docked), and the ferry about to take us over choppy waters (you can see it's very windy) to the mainland for the Tulum trip.

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