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Good morning, Monday

I should be heading to work right now.

Couldn't get my lazy butt out of bed this morning, so no workout. I did try - stumbled out to the kitchen, fed two screaming cats, went back to bed for an hour. *sigh* Then had to do the "feed screaming cats" ritual again when I really got up.

Final word count (for NaNo purposes): 50,780

Of course, that's a little too short for a book -- something I've never had a problem with before!

And as was inevitable: Adopt one today!

I'm trying to get an elusive autumn egg, but it seems that everyone else is trying that, too; when I was on the site there were over 600 users online. And someone is breeding and abandoning greens like they're going out of style. Poor little dragons.

Back to normal? We shall see. Tivo is empty, NaNo is finished, Christmas is on the horizon...

Happy Monday!

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