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It's These Little Things...

I'm not worried that the presence of Spike will "ruin" AtS. What I'm worried about started back when I heard they were going to "go a new direction" and "change the look" of the show. Why does this worry me? Because I have never, ever, EVER seen something I like be changed "to gain a bigger audience" and come out the better for it. Invariably when something good aims for the mainstream audience, it becomes mainstream-accessible crap. Since I consider "Angel" to be one of the finest-written shows on television (and in truth, for the last few years my week has actually revolved around it), this bugs me no end. And I'm trying desperately to remain (mostly) unspoiled for this season, no small feat considering Spike fans. They're already talking about episode THREE while we're still almost two months away from seeing episode one, while I walk around with my hands over my ears going "la la la la la I can't hear you." (It does make reading BAPS faster, since I'm skipping over large numbers of posts...)

So, what makes a semi-practicing, believing Catholic suddenly up and want to be Protestant? Perhaps it has something to do with the modern, intelligent actions of the Anglican church in light of His Holiness's Dark-Ages-Inspired publication. Of course, it's also the same thing that makes this flag-waving American want to move to Canada (thanks, Mr. Bush).

I used to think I was a pretty moderate liberal, but it seems I'm a raving left-wing lunatic...
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