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Despite an inordinate amount of eating leftovers and goofing around Googling the cute cruise director for the Carnival Glory and making icons, I still have achieved this:

Words: 45,268

I also just passed the climax. Now I need to craft a 5,000-word epilogue.

So... sleepy...

Also spent a good part of the day finishing up with Tivo. Have just watched over a week's worth of Craig Ferguson. James Lipton told him that "landing a plane is possibly the most difficult thing anyone could ever do." Hmmm. Apparently, I did miss my calling as a pilot, because while it's been over 20 years since I last landed a plane, I never found it all that tough. Flying a plane was on a par with riding a bicycle, honestly.

Ah, well. More of those crazy regrets. I'm too sleepy to think straight. I have two days to write a little under 5,000 words. I rock. (But I didn't write the review that was supposedly due today. I'll get it done. Eventually.)

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