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I went over to Mervyn's Going Out of Business sale because I wanted to get a new strapless bra. The parking lot is rather crowded, but I can see there are plenty of spaces in the west lot. So I spin around, avoiding the long line of cars coming in, and go around, only to find a woman parked in the middle of the lane, waiting for another woman in an SUV to leave. Only the woman leaving has three or four kids she's loading, as well as a stroller to fold and her purchases to load, as well. I wait a moment or two, then give up and drive around the idiot. I park in an empty space about three steps from the door, lock up, and go inside. The woman is still waiting for that space.

I am astounded.

The crowds are pretty thick, and people aren't just shopping, as far as I can see, lots of people are buying -- and it was only 30% off, pretty much storewide. In addition to bra, I also got a pair of nifty jeans and slippers for both me and Barb. Yay slippers!

It's that time of year in November when I'm unpacking my sweaters and long-sleeved shirts from the space bags under the bed, but still hanging tank tops on the line.

One of the cats was spectacularly sick on the bed this morning, either when I was out or vacuuming, because I didn't hear it, I found it later. Bleah. So bed is stripped and quilts are all out on the line. *sigh*

Speaking of cats, Cairo was checked out by his vet today, his leg was drained and he was given an injection of antibiotics. He has some pills to take and some painkillers, but on the whole, the leg is doing well. Although the doc said if he keeps licking at it and keeps it open, we may have to put him in a cone or a kitty sweater.

Total: 7,703

Wow, am I behind.

It's on SALE!

Adopt one today! ** Adopt one today! ** Adopt one today!

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