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This morning I turned out onto 28th Street (a mid-size main street, mostly residential) and a cat raced across the street in front of me. I missed him. A block down another cat did the same thing. I turned onto Osborn (also a mid-size main street, ditto) and there was a cat in the middle of the street that hadn't made it. :( Around the corner on 32nd Street (a main street, busy), there was another, equally at the end of his nine lives. :'(

And my cats wonder why I keep them prisoner inside the house.

Today there was no mail, so we weren't too busy at work today, since my unit takes care of the incoming mail. This does mean, of course, that tomorrow is going to be heck on a cracker. But that's kinda good in some ways, because it makes the days whip past.

I haven't finished the Sean Patrick story/book/200-page character study, but notes and ideas have made me go back and do some significant re-writes on some of the early scenes. I do know where it's going, though. It's just the getting there.
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