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I am caught up!

With some things, anyway. I've managed to get my critiques done for my writing group, the laundry is almost done, and I watched all the short stuff on Tivo and cleared out a few things. Now for the weekend when I shall do more.

Copy this sentence into your LJ if you love bacon with a passion that borders on holy, where you imagine yourself eating strips of bacon out of a bowl made of bacon with bacon bits sprinkled all over it... with bacon ice cream for desert.

Bacon! I smell bacon! Nothing smells like bacon except bacon!

Damn, now I want bacon.

I had to use a Homer icon for that one; I may have to make one for the old scene where Lisa tells him that sausage, ham, and bacon all come from the same animal. "Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal."

My pirate costume is very hot and itchy. But it looks pretty good. Right now I'm without shoes while resting between work (costume contest - won't know the winners until Monday) and party. We didn't get any candy at all and don't leave for the party until 7... hopefully the darkness I'm working in will discourage trick or treaters. I peer through the blinds and see no one out there, at least.

Happy Halloween, BTW!

Mmmm, bacon...

There are no dragons currently. Whee! Thanks for getting Frostchime to adulthood.
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