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October 5th, 2019

My tweets

  • Fri, 17:06: This is the greatest thing ever! I would love to visit Finland! (Although I will admit much of my knowledge of Fi… https://t.co/gsNgBj8jnR
  • Fri, 17:11: RT @flyaway_k: If this globular clusterfuck has taught us anything, it’s that Nixon should’ve chased Watergate with a good old fashioned ba…
  • Fri, 17:11: RT @johnlundin: It's come to this: the rest of the world is sending America 'thoughts and prayers.'
  • Fri, 17:13: RT @dscc: Reproductive rights are on the line. Because of Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate, the future of these rights is even more uncer…
  • Fri, 17:15: RT @karenamyatt: Climate change is real. This is happening to grizzlies in Vancouver BC. On the East Coast of the US, lobsters are leaving…
  • Fri, 17:15: RT @psychdr100: GOP are so spineless. Right-wing smear networks are poised to attack any Republican who steps out of line on impeachment ht…
  • Fri, 17:16: RT @Pappiness: Marco Rubio, 3 years ago: "I will go through all 50 states to make sure the party of Lincoln and Reagan never falls in the h…
  • Fri, 17:17: RT @ResisterForever: My son just told me this joke: Why won’t Republicans impeach Trump? Because they believe in carrying a baby full ter…
  • Fri, 17:18: Well, of course he does. If Trump said "Mike, I need you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge," Pence would be out ther… https://t.co/TxEWmYdyU8
  • Fri, 18:12: RT @MsLynneMiller: EXCELLENT thread. Stop hurting other women and start supporting ALL women. We can be our own worst enemy. No need to wor…
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