November 10th, 2015

Halloween Cat

My tweets

  • Mon, 16:07: I tell ya, it's a war on Thanksgiving!!!! #StarbucksRedCup (I'll worry about Christmas on Nov. 27)
  • Mon, 17:44: Tonight's NBC News indicate 4 kids die each year in school bus accidents because there are no seat belts. Makes sense to put seat belts in.
  • Mon, 17:45: And so... how many children die each year because guns are treated like toys? Mmmmm......
  • Mon, 19:50: 15,377. I need to get more words down... more words.... #NaNoWriMo2015
  • Mon, 20:05: Wow, my Lifetime Achievement: Total NaNo Word Count: 372,713
  • Mon, 20:06: That's about the word count of my first novel, "Ring of Fire," which was NOT a NaNo project.