November 6th, 2015

Pumpkin Pie

Summer Finally Ends

As seems to happen nearly every single time I come back from vacation, I got the Martian death flu and after starting out the week with energy and vigor, on Tuesday morning my throat started to hurt, and by evening it was raging painful and my nose was running like a faucet. So naturally I'm down for three freakin' days with the crap when I would far rather be doing ANYTHING ELSE (even going to work). The best thing I can say for it is I was able to catch up on some of what got backed up on Tivo while we were away.

This season of "Fargo" isn't as immediately gripping as the first season was. Shame Cristin Milioti is stuck playing mothers who die young. I'd love to see her given a fair shake.

I REALLY like "Supergirl." Kudos for an awesome Jimmy (James) Olson.

The two episodes of Dr. Who were terrific -- I am now fond of Twelve. Yes, I know it took a while.

There was a bunch of other stuff no one but me is interested in.

I'm finally feeling human again and, per usual, I've passed it on to Barb, so SHE can be miserable for the next few days.

The house is a mess, which I need to do something about. We have a half-painted kitchen, which also needs to be finished.

Vacation highlights: Finally got to Universal and the Harry Potter experience: If you are a Potter fan like I am, I cannot stress enough the NEED to go there, if you can at all. It is the coolest thing EVER. I have to upload more pictures, but here's Diagon Alley:

Despite my mother knowing nothing whatsoever about the whole thing, she indulged our geekiness by letting Barb select a wand at Ollivander's and I got my robes at Madam Malkin's, which means we have a need for cosplay. (Clearly, now I need a wand and Barb needs robes.)

For ourselves we bought a Ravenclaw sweater for Barb and a Gryffindor Quidditch jersey for me. The Harry Potter rides were the best, too -- neither of us had the stomach for the extreme roller coasters (I just don't seem to want to ride them like I used to), but otherwise Universal seems to have mostly lame motion simulator rides, with the Harry Potter ones being the newest were also the best, especially the broom ride at Hogwarts. I was sorry we didn't have time to get back there to ride it a second time.

The days on the cruise were the most relaxing, especially the day at sea where we just staked out some lounge chairs by the pool and read almost all day. Otherwise, I'll admit, my Mom is a trial. I love her to death, but she does drive sane people crazy. It was nice to come home to watch something on television that wasn't baseball, which is apparently all she watches anymore.

I did manage to take a few really cool shots with my new underwater camera - by sheer luck we saw a stingray out on the sandbar:

We did get to see Ant-Man on board the ship. I thought it was pretty cool. Enjoyed the heck out of it. And pleased to see Evangeline Lilly can actually act, as she never seemed to manage to do on Lost.

Windows 10 is irritating me. And while their Support on Twitter answers complaints promptly, they aren't very helpful. They keep telling me to update my drivers, but every time I go to the HP sites and do so, I'm told my drivers are all 100% up-to-date. And still my mouse lags after every time I use the keyboard. Otherwise, have seen no real difference with Windows 10; mostly cosmetic changes, near as I can tell. Except for the annoying lag time.