October 9th, 2015


Dang It All

I give, I give! I'll turn the air conditioner back on!

October 9, and I'm sweating like crazy. It's going to be 98 this weekend and most of next week. *SIGH*

At least the overnights have dropped off. It was 68 the other morning on my way to work.

I'm not saying work has been hell, but I feel like an idiot when faced with formulas and forms I have to fill out to prove I'm accomplishing my job. (They need to "measure our results" with "metrics." I'm SO CONFUSED.) It takes longer to fill out the work ticket and explain the processes than it does to actually DO THE JOB.

Corporate Thinking!!!!!!!

I'm on the last book on my reread of the latter half of the Miles Vorkosigan re-read (although previous to this, I had only gotten to Diplomatic Immunity). Captain Vorpatril's Alliance was a joyous romp. I loved every single page. Sure, it wasn't deep, but it didn't need to be - I loved it. Now Cryoburn and I may go back to the beginning and re-read from Shards of Honor through Borders of Infinity (I never have read </i>Falling Free</i>; I suppose I ought to, sometime).

I'd actually forgotten how much I loved these characters, this universe, and these stories.

Only seven more working days until VACATION.