October 6th, 2015


Dis, Dat, and De Other Ting

Elbow still hurts.

Headache came back. I'm pretty sure it's a sinus headache, but it's been sneaky on-and-off all day. Stomach has also been slightly "off" all day. When it started to feel better I ate a little, but that didn't help at all. So am sipping tea.

I blame the morning meeting, which I was to host since my boss was in another meeting, and yet ANOTHER supervisor (the direct report for three of my trainees) decided I was to blame for something he didn't like and he basically drilled me down in "front of" (virtual class, virtual meeting) everyone, leaving me feeling all washed out and stomachachey. I didn't sign on the training team to be a leader, I just want to design PowerPoint presentations and teach people how to do the job right. That's all. Several of the people who were at the meeting said he shouldn't have done that, he should have gone to MY boss and discussed his problems, so at least I know it wasn't ME.

I made a little pouch/holster for the fancy silver Steampunk flask I got at the Ren Faire this year -- it will go well with my costume, if I can figure out how to attach a belt loop to it now... (and perhaps a belt, since I don't wear one with the costume!)

I'm very glad it's coming up on baking season, because there are a lot of recipes I want to try. Mostly, naturally, involve sugar and chocolate. It seems no matter how I try to eat healthier, I seem to "get tired" of healthy food while never wearying of sweets... I have at least two different cake recipes I want to make (I had planned on one of them a few weeks back, and even made the ganache, and then suddenly my house was filled with pie and I felt I should not add more desserts to the Extreme Pie-a-palooza), several cookies, and a wide variety of Rice Krispie treat varieties.

There's a new wing shop in town that has 5-star Yelp reviews out the wazoo, all declaring "best wings in Phoenix!" and that's only about a mile away from Long Wong's (our favorite wings), so it's definitely worth checking out. I may have to stop for wings on the way home tomorrow (if my stomach feels better).

I ought to run one of those things that measures your moods on LJ and see how often I post when I'm "tired" or "sleepy." It seems to be my basic way of being.