September 12th, 2015


And We WANTED to be Homeowners Why, Again?

About a week or so ago, I noted that the loose tile in the kitchen squelched a little when I stepped on it. Because there is some grout missing there, and it's right where we routinely drop ice from the icemaker, at first we gave it no real thought. But it never seemed to dry out. And then I noticed water over by the doorway to the kitchen. And then this morning there's water stains creeping up the kitchen island.


Apparently the condensation outlet for the air conditioner was backed up and has been dripping down the inside of the wall under the tile. *sigh* The dryout company is here now and says we'll have to take up all the tile to dry out the floor to prevent mold. I hope they can match the tile... and that insurance will cover ANY of it. (Sometimes I hate working for an insurance company -- I know Too Much.)

Of COURSE this happens just after we bought that china hutch!

Money is going to be extremely TIGHT this holiday season.
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