August 23rd, 2015


Another Week, Another Lack of Posts

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. Even when I want to post, I never seem to get my fingers in gear and do it. (Or by the time I sit down to the keyboard, I forget entirely what I want to say.)

I saw this week that the house used in Silence of the Lambs for Buffalo Bill's house near Pittsburgh is for sale, and thought of cornerofmadness's house hunt. I think she should go for that one. :D

My stomach hurts. We had our game day today and I think the pie disagreed with me. (Of course, there were a few too many sweets -- I made Rice Chex Treats {Rice Krispie treats with Chex instead of Krispies} and foolishly forgot to butter the foil, so they're pretty well stuck. I keep chilling them and trying to peel the damned stuff off.) I think it's also a little from the sinus headache I've been trying to keep at bay since I got up this morning. I at least managed to NOT sleep the day away, as I actually did yesterday. I slept until after 10, which is really late for me anymore.

But the game was good. My big fighter was finally effective (although he didn't have his sword, and had to grab the staff from our wizard when he was bitten by rats into unconsciousness).

My wife got me a new camera for my birthday -- it's an underwater capable Fuji that I've been longing for, so now I have to see if I can go snorkeling on one of our cruise trips. Try it out! I haven't taken any real pictures with it yet, though. It had more settings than any camera I've ever had.

It remains hot, although we've broken the 110+ temperatures this week. (The humidity stays pretty high for us, though, so it's still pretty miserable.)

And of course, the dog wants his walk. I guess I'll have to do that here shortly. Good for me, even if it is too freaking hot. Especially after all the sweets!