August 11th, 2015


I actually had a title for this post

But I forgot it, as usual.

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I sometimes feel as though my life would be a great deal easier if I just didn't hate, loathe, and despise sweet peppers. They're in EVERYTHING.

Lots and lots of rain in parts of the Valley today. There was a weather alert on the radio this morning and then I heard EVERYONE'S phone alerts going off all over the room. (Technically, no one is supposed to have their phone at their desk... technically.) Watching this evening's news looks like there was one hell of a storm outside of the bunker that is our office. I did hear a little thunder, and it's clear there was some rain, but on the whole, I missed it all again.

I have itches on my arms. It sometimes itches so badly I scrape holes in my skin, even when I try not to scratch. My doctor says it doesn't look serious, but gave me a dermatologist name anyway. She said I need to use cream, rather than plain lotion, so I've been using Burt's Bees cream every night before bed. My skin is nice and soft... and itchy.

Time to walk the dog.