August 6th, 2015

Doctor Eleven

The Nighthawks Flit Across the Evening Sky

As we walk through the park. Some evenings there are entire flocks of them, sometimes up high and sometimes swirling around just over the grasses. They fly more like swallows than hawks (they aren't, strictly speaking, hawks at all). Judging by this map, we're at the extreme edge of their winter breeding grounds. It's cool we see so many.

Several times this week I sat down to write a journal entry, and naturally did no such thing. I'm glad I didn't put myself out there with a "I'm going to write a journal entry every day in August," which I considered. I'd already be on the hook.

Not that I can remember now what I meant to post about.

So have another link.

Mostly it's been hot, so today being only about 104 was rather pleasant (by comparison). It was humid, though. It's only 99 now, but the dewpoint is high (51%). I just wish we'd get even a little rain here in the Valley. It's pouring up at the Grand Canyon, apparently.