July 31st, 2015

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Halloween Cat

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I can't seem to "let go" of my anger regarding the brutal murder of Cecil the lion. (I realized this icon is probably Cecil - see the mane - but I can't remember where I pulled that image from, so I may be wrong.) I see it in several layers: Firstly, as a culture, why haven't we moved past "trophy" hunting? What "sport" is it to kill an animal these days that counts as "manly" or "brave" or whatever it was that men in the past saw big game hunting as? Today this seems as archaic and backward as a blood sacrifice - here in America, don't most people see the brutal killing of a chicken on an altar as barbaric? Why not a similar brutal killing of a lion (or for that matter, a rhino, a giraffe, or an elephant) in Africa? It's not like the "man" who did this was going to eat the lion, or use the body for anything other than a trophy. It's akin to taking scalps or shrinking heads.

Secondly, he claims he "didn't know" this was a protected lion from a reserve. Um, well, I would have thought that baiting it NEAR a major game reserve might have been one clue, but the presence of a GPS collar ON the lion might have suggested to him that he had, perhaps, taken THE WRONG LION. While I don't approve of even the so-called "legal" big game hunts people like this still partake in, I would have had at least a minimum of respect for him if, at the point where he noticed the lion he had killed, skinned, and BEHEADED was wearing a GPS collar, he had stepped forward and admitted what he'd done. I might have, at that point, believed his asinine story that he "didn't know" he had just killed a known and protected animal.

In times gone by, possibly into the early 20th Century, men who went out on such hunts really were taking their lives into their hands. While looking back at their deeds through 21st Century eyes they seem just as horrid, at least when viewed in their time taking those trophies seem at least understandable, if not admirable. Today, though? No excuse. No reason. No real man needs to do this.

I always seem to be far more outraged by things like this than atrocities of man against man. I guess because humans seem to always perpetuate evil against their own kind, but it seems more evil, somehow, when perpetuated against an innocent animal. *sigh*

That said, people who have posted death threats against the jerk who did this? Totally in the wrong. I'm all for having him extradited to Zimbabwe to face charging of poaching -- and what he did was poaching, without a doubt -- but anyone who claims to be on Cecil's side should not be sending the guy death threats (or any threats at all). That's not the way to bring sympathy to our viewpoint.

A Tribute to Cecil the Lion

On a lighter note, am I the only one tired of Farxiga commercials using the loop of Dire Straits Walk of Life? I absolutely LOVE that song and am annoyed they are annoying me so much with this overuse.

And to close on a better note. Made me sniffle, but in a good way.