July 17th, 2015


Ways to Tell I'm Getting Old

I now watch PBS for more than the comedies from England or the kids' shows. Am watching Great Performances right now - they're showing the revival of Driving Miss Daisy with Paul McCartney Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones. She plays southern very well. (I got sidetracked and watched the whole play - it's an excellent production.)

I also actually enjoy watching Face the Nation on the weekends. These used to be the boring things my parents watched.

Back in February when we went to the Ren Faire I bought myself one of the Goodly Woods wooden mugs, and I have loved it ever since. A couple of weeks ago, I finished washing it and went to set it in the dish rack when it decided to jump to the floor. This caused the wood to crack. I contacted Goodly Woods and asked about accidental dropage, which was not covered by the full replacement warranty, but he said it should be repairable. He had me ship it to him, and a week later I get it back, good as new, and it only got $20 to fix. I think I'll try to buy more from them.