July 13th, 2015


Come on, People

Go Set A Watchman was written first, and it's probably functionally a draft. She developed the characters further when she wrote To Kill A Mockingbird later.

This is why I'm lucky I haven't published, since I've been able to revise as my characters change (yeah, that's a good reason).

Speaking of writing, things have been so hectic this month I haven't done nearly enough on Camp Nano. I have gotten a good start on putting the chunks together, but I just haven't had the TIME. How do people have the time to do so much?

On a political note, I was listening to a discussion about the new schooling standards in Texas requiring them to re-write history so it doesn't have such a liberal slant (I saw a great quote from, I believe, Steven Colbert: "The truth has a liberal bias") -- and they got on the part where Texas says the Civil War was about States' Rights, not slavery. Well, slavery was just a "side issue." One of the panelists on the discussion actually read some parts from the secession declarations, which pretty much all said "we have a right to keep slaves" in various ways. So I figured maybe everyone's right. The Civil War was fought for States' Rights to keep slaves.

Speaking of which, if it really IS about "heritage, not hate," when why isn't this symbol of heritage one of the ACTUAL Confederate Flags, such as the "bonnie blue flag" or this one? I was reading that the familiar battle flag was pretty well forgotten by most people until segregation made angry white people go and dig it out of their attics.

On a related note, I finally watched Tarantino's Django Unchained, which I will freely admit will not appeal to everyone -- but I thought it was amazing. The acting was especially good. The violence was hugely over-the-top, naturally, but seemed necessary considering the real horror of the story.

Also finally got to see both the Hugh Jackman Les Miserables and The Imitation Game (trying to catch up on Oscar winners from the last several years). I really liked Les Miz - and for all the joking that went around regarding Russell Crowe's Javert (and he really should NOT be in a musical), he still played the part very well, with a great deal of emotion. The Imitation Game was scary brilliant. And sad.

Went to the theatre to see Inside Out. VERY fun, another sweet story from Pixar.

How come I never know about these things until it's after dinner? (Today is apparently National French Fry Day.)

Am nearly finished watching S1 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.; I have to finish S2 before S3 starts.

Am very fond of the casting, acting, and the mood of the BBC Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell but I'm a little iffy about some of the writing changes. I'm enjoying it IMMENSELY, nonetheless. I'm very happy with the treatment of my favorite novel. (I do usually trust the BBC to handle these adaptations - for all it's old and has effects that rival Classic Doctor Who, the BBC's versions of the Chronicles of Narnia FAR surpass the mess the movies made of the books.)

Now if only I can sleep tonight. And WRITE, damn it.