June 11th, 2015



The squeaky wheel got the grease. A service tech showed up right at 3 pm today (good thing I got off early), and he fiddled around, made some calls, fiddled around, was about ready to give up and call in a ticket for some SERIOUS working, when he unplugged the USB from the Tivo and plugged it into the other port.

Bing, all the channels loaded.


He did say the cable card was a little loose and he fixed that, but if it was just the port was bad, oy.

In any case, all my channels are back and I have set the Tivo to record Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell on Saturday, and I'm happy again.

I am tired. I need to do a bunch of stuff tomorrow, including getting my oil changed (two months behind schedule); I need to schedule this year's physical (my doctor sent me my reminder weeks ago), blah blah blah.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Hooray.