May 19th, 2015

Easter Island

Throwback Tuesday

I sit here watching videos on YouTube from my college years. Stray Cats, Paul Simon, Genesis, J. Geils Band, Dire Straits... ah, it's like my own private M-TV... when the "M" stood for "Music." (Money For Nothing - OMG, the STATE OF THE ART animation! We stayed up all night to watch that!)

Weather in the desert has been really freaky. We were edging up over 100 degrees in March, and it's been dipping into the 60's in May. Plus lots and lots of rain, which is almost unheardof this time of year. (Not that it's not welcome, mind you - it was a JOY to have the pouring rain all day Friday and into Saturday morning!)

I've been re-reading the Cycle of Gandalara series (Randall Garrett). I read these books in college, which was, I suppose, 30 years ago now -- and while I remember the situation, the main characters, and some of the general events, I remembered absolutely NOTHING about the plots of each book or the overriding story arc. Nothing. It's like reading new books that give me a sense of deja vu.

David Lee Roth's Just A Gigolo - Hee. Everyone was gay in the 80's, but no one was out.