May 17th, 2015


I Sometimes Wish I Didn't Love Cats So Much

So it turns out it's Little Bit who's been spraying in the dining room and ruined the curtains. We were blaming every other cat in the house, but it's the sneaky little one who appeared to be settling in just fine.

I really didn't want a pair of cranky old cats, I wanted to find a youngster who could play with and keep up with Churro. Now, poor fellow, he's considered the right and left horns of Satan by these girls, and we thought maybe it was Ma San who was spraying, or maybe even one of the boys (although they never have before), but no, it's Little Bit. We have all the "odor destroying" stuff and have cardboard up against the areas we caught her doing it, and Barb is looking into various solutions, but... I feel bad. I wish we could find a good home for Ma San. She needs to be an only cat in a quiet home. She's just not happy here.

I made cookies on Friday for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. I love knowing about these things in enough time to actually do something about it.

Not that I needed chocolate chip cookies, mind you.

I have a story in my head that begins, "Joshua Duncan never knew he had a fairy godmother. Those were for fairy tale princesses, and he was pretty certain he was neither."

I need to make the time to write, instead of just vegging whenever I sit down with the computer.