May 11th, 2015

Halloween Cat

What? I have a LiveJournal?!?

You know how you keep putting something off and the longer you put it off the harder it is to actually do?

That’s what’s been going on with this journal.

I want to keep it like a good journal-keeper, and I sure read others’ journals. I also find things I want to talk about and think about a journal entry, but what I end up doing is tweeting it.

I have been reduced to 140 characters per thought.

It has been a very busy month. Even the last two weekends where we supposedly had “nothing to do” for a change, somehow I didn’t have any time for anything once it was all said and done.

I have been a member of the new gym for exactly two months now. I’m back to going at least three times a week, sometimes four. I have been good with my daily calorie intake, I’m eating more veggies, I gave up artificial sweeteners, and I cut back my wine consumption. Net weight loss: 0. That’s right, a big fat (and I mean fat) goose egg. Now, yes, I’m still eating sweets, but I’m trying to keep it down so I’m at or around daily calories – do I have to go all the way to “no sugar, no bread,” or something? :P

I suppose, getting back to the whole not-posting thing, is that a lot of what’s been going through my mind the last couple of weeks has been deeply personal, and maybe I wasn’t ready to write it down.

We went to Washington to a cold, wet, rainy weekend. For us, it was downright freezing. There was family, food, and drink. It was in every way a celebration. The day of the memorial dawned still misty and chill, but by the time people started really arriving, and the food and drink came out, and so did the sun. It was really, despite all, one of the best celebrations of a person's life I've ever been to. It was so very much a reflection of who Belle was.

A tree was planted in her garden:

Then home, and back to "normal." Still crazy, still busy. Not even sure exactly why. Mom's house still not sold (or cleaned out); cats living here in what passes for a cold war status; never seem to have any time.

I actually haven’t been writing a lot. The story I wrote for NaNo last year really pleased me and I was very proud of it, but as my readers are going through it, it appears to lack action and isn’t holding interest. I’m teetering between “who am I fooling, I suck” and “there must be something I can do to punch this up.” I’m puttering through it, but my evenings seem to shoot right by and I don’t get much done. What I need is a whole weekend to just sit in a chair, do some edits (and maybe complete the first draft) – and, as a sidebar, clear off several weeks’ worth of TiVo. (Yes, I work in front of the television. Always have.)

It’s just as well so many shows are having their season finales now; it gives me a little time to catch up. I still have the entire last month of Craig Ferguson’s show I haven’t watched because everything was going great guns between Christmas and now (it’s MAY?!?).

I hope that doesn’t end up being the series finale of Forever, but if it is, I think I can live with it.

Best season finale of Once Upon A Time since the end of S1.

I’ve seen conflicting reports on Constantine. First they said “it’s cancelled,” then an announcement came out that it wasn’t, so…

I haven’t watched any of Broadchurch Series 2.

While the show had been faltering BADLY for years, I had for some reason kept up with it 100%, and I have to admit, Glee's finale had me weeping like a little girl. Sure, it was everything wrapped up perfectly with a big red bow, but that's kinda what it was aiming for all along. Plus, Kurt & Blaine singing "Daydream Believer."

I’m liking this season of Orphan Black, although it’s already starting to show its age. The scorpion is awesome. "Where are these mangoes? I want to see these mangoes."

Three weeks behind on Person of Interest.

And OMG, cannot wait to see Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I just love the book and generally speaking, BBC Productions does a great job of adapting books like this, so I don't expect them to destroy my vision (although the guy playing Jonathan isn't exactly how I see him, but...).

I don't dislike the current direction of Grimm, although I really would like to see, just once, someone gain these phenomenal powers and not suddenly become a completely different person. Why not, "Oh, cool! Look what I can do now! This will help in our Fight Against The Powers of Evil!" instead of "Ooo, I'm powerful now, I must be evil myself!" (Of course, this is why my vampire is the boy scout he is...)

We've started roleplaying again. It's fun to break out the ol' dice and do the thing.

And that's just some of the things that have been wandering around my mind for the last two months or so.