April 17th, 2015



I am alive.

Apparently just barely. We've arranged our schedule so I only have to work the late shift one week at a time, but man, what a week.

I'm working out again. I haven't lost so much as a single pound, but I can feel the muscles starting to work again. I moved my gym membership from expensive and out-of-the-way LA Fitness to much cheaper, on the way to work, comfortable Planet Fitness. I had missed having a circuit for weight-lifting. I'm not one of those "I'm going to work on my arms today!" weight-lifters, I like being able to just do the 30-minute machine-to-machine thing, on my own. It's a nice place. And much, much, MUCH cheaper, as well as being between my house and the office.

But fat? I has it.

Maybe 'cause my wife has been losing weight hand-over-fist. She looks amazing.

Last week we had the first of what will likely be many sales at Barb's mom's house. Didn't sell as much as we'd hoped. It's the wrong time of year to try selling a ginormous collection of Santa Clauses.

Tomorrow, sale day part two.

Next weekend we go for the Memorial Service.

The fourth cat, Ma-San, has been brought into the house and is living the cage hating us with all her kitty heart. She hisses when I try to talk to her. "Day six, I cannot figure out how to get out of this cage, but I will kill all of them, especially the big white one who keeps poking at me through the bars. The humans can die in a fire. I will escape."

And Churro is poking at her again. He wants to be BUDDIES.

Ma-San does NOT.

There is some serious growling going on here. Churro is rolling around on the floor showing how much he wants to play.


Just saw the new Star Wars trailer. Adrenaline pumping. Oh, PLEASE, don't suck!

Don't know how many people read Gunnerkrigg Court (if you don't, you SHOULD)... but this chapter is hurting my heart.

I realized today I haven't read LJ in days. I skimmed; if I missed anything, please, let me know. I hate not keeping up with folks!

Yesterday, of course, was Sean Patrick's 152nd birthday. Someday I'll get around to getting something published, even if I do it myself.