March 24th, 2015

I Know


I love far too many things.

Every time I get up an interest in something, I fall into it with all the passion of my being, and what's worse, I rarely if ever fall BACK. This is why I never managed to actually choose a vocation or settle on a major or accomplish much of anything, because I flit around like this. I wanted to be a dancer. I wanted to sing. I wanted to play all the instruments, speak all the languages, know all the things. Some of what prevented me was a lack of dedication - I would bend all my might to one thing and then be distracted by the next shiny and be off again - and the rest is, sadly, a lack of talent. The one thing I always could do is write, and I haven't got the dedication even to that to make it a career. I'm still stuck in the "writing for friends" section (I did get paid to write for a while, both fiction and non-fiction/reviews, so I made it a little...).

But I just love things, and I can't stop. This is why my house is filled, filled I tell you, with junk. Junk I can't bear to get rid of. I see my wife's eyes glaze over when she looks at my teetering mounds of things, and I know she is the reason I'm not sitting here amidst piles of magazines and newspapers. But oh, I love my stuff. Passion!

Allergies are kicking my ass this year. Prescription allergy medication is only so good; I've had to resort to cold medication and even that's not strong enough. I've even woken myself up a few times trying to breathe. Usually by this time of the year, I'm starting to clear up (olive and citrus never really bothered me like some people).

It's going to be in the 90's this week. Bluuurrrrgggghhhh. The older I get, the less acclimatized to this city I become.

On the plus side, we finally decided to get a new bed and replace the rickety old thing we'd cobbled together from my mom's old bed frame (she gave us when she left Tucson, back in the 90's) and part of a waterbed frame. It's a beautiful maple, and it doesn't rattle and creak. Also got a new nightstand to go along with the antique one Barb had refinished, and now the bedroom's all new! Last weekend was spent moving books and furniture so the new bed and refinished furniture could be moved in, I'm covered with mysterious, tiny little bruises, and oh, so tired.

I figure when all of this moving is finally done and Barb's mom's house is sold, we owe ourselves a trip to Disneyland (even though my Mom called and will be taking us back to a Disney cruise in October, she says, to cheer everyone up).