March 16th, 2015

Cat hat


As was mentioned in Barb's journal, I took a spill while we were walking the dog Saturday morning. I felt at the time that my pride was more bruised than my body, but the last few days have proven that I am, indeed, quite bruised, even in places I didn't think got hit. Mostly it's my right knee (scraped and bruised), and my left hand, which was what caught me, but just a tiny amount of skin was scraped off, but the whole hand feels achy. (I stepped wrong, in one of those little indents in a street where there's an access hatch - I felt my ankle twist and thought I'd caught myself, but suddenly I was hitting the ground.)

Hey, cornerofmadness, I found your house for you.

Speaking of houses, the house NEXT DOOR to the one we've been drooling over for the last year or more (the one that's priced WAY over the neighborhood, which is why it's still on the market), and that's not only priced just about within what we might could conceivably maybe if we really wished hard afford, it's actually more of a perfect dream house than the expensive one. The interior is lovely, the colors don't suck, and there's a detached studio apartment in the back, as well as no pool (I realize people think a pool is a good thing, but honestly, it's a lot of work and a lot of expense), a place for the Tiki Bar, and nice tile floors.

Well, wishes.

So very tired. Once we get Mom's house organized and on the market, we're going to do something for ourselves, even if it just involves hiding in our house for two or three days...

We wanted Vietnamese food tonight. Were good and ate leftover chili and salad.