March 11th, 2015

Halloween Cat

Still Spinning My Wheels

I haven't posted in a while - I have been reading, sort of (skimming, sometimes, and I do apologize), making the odd comment, but mostly... gasping for breath and trying to keep the nose above water. Every time I actually have the time to sit down at the computer, I have a million things to catch up on, and then try to read everything, keep up with the news, silly game turns, try and clear Tivo...

And somewhere down the line everything on LJ suffers. No journal entries, I haven't posted a picture to photo_scavenger since before Christmas. I can't believe it's March already, and I've done NOTHING useful this year.

I told myself I was going to write tonight, but here it is already past nine, I'm exhausted, and I just finished going through my email and reading the last two days of LJ. I did catch up on Forever.

Yesterday I made peanut butter no-bake squares and a butter cake for work, both of which were mostly completely devoured.

I hastily ordered my Mom's birthday presents today, banking on Amazon Prime and the two-day free shipping, only to have my order "guaranteed delivery by March 16." WTF? That sounds like FIVE day delivery to me. And my gift for nutmeg3 hasn't come yet, so that one will DEFINITELY be late, since her birthday is tomorrow.

Speaking of which: Happy Birthday, nutmeg3!!!!

Now I have to get some sleep so I don't spend tomorrow nodding off at my desk again (yes, this has been a problem this week...).