January 14th, 2015

Happy New Year

A Month Half-Gone?

How is it already half-way through January? Wasn't New Year's just, like, YESTERDAY?

I have done nothing so far with this new year except keep the house clean, so, go me.

I loves me some fuzzy kitten faces.

I have fallen behind on just about everything -- I think I'm going to cut back on the number of times I give myself this freakin' late shift. I do it because I'm one of the few who really doesn't MIND doing it, but damn, I really get nothing done at all when I get home at 6:30, even when I have mornings free.

Is it a plus or a minus that I haven't been available to help with moving Barb's mom? (I do feel a little guilty about that. At least I contribute my truck.)

I haven't been to the gym once this year. Should I just quit again? I have lost what little weight I put on over the holidays, so there's that. Going with all the reading I've done on the benefits of whey protein, I started taking some every day, and most of the pains in my arm and leg have receded almost completely, so it DOES help with muscles.

Speaking of dietary things, back in September I quit drinking Diet Coke pretty much cold turkey. I haven't touched more than a mouthful in nearly four months. I have noticed no changes in, well, anything -- not my weight, not my sleeping patterns, not anything at all -- and judging by all the horror stories about aspartame, I expected my health to suddenly start sparkling like glitter-covered rainbows. I can say that I think starting to drink whey protein has done more for me than stopping artificial sweeteners did; but I also find I don't really like the taste like I used to. The last time I had a drink of Diet Coke I didn't like it much (sob), but I'm also starting to like a lot of sweet drinks less than I used to. I drink more Prosecco and less Moscato (wine, that is)--drier rather than sweeter; and I stopped sweetening my tea completely a long time ago.