January 8th, 2015

Happy New Year

One Week Gone!

I can't believe a whole week has passed since the new year began.

It's Elvis's birthday! He would have been 80 today.

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On the late shift again, so my evenings seem to race by before I get a chance to take a breath -- however, it appears that upper upper management suddenly noticed all the overtime and it was all abruptly cancelled, so at least I have my mornings while on this shift!

For the last few weeks the days have been in the 60's and the nights in the 30's, then abruptly yesterday the high was 80. WTF? It's going to be in the 70's now, which is more normal -- we're moving into that time of year in Phoenix when we settle into cool nights, warm days, and everyone in the universe wants to move here (because they don't know what the summers are like). If we're lucky it should stay like this for a few months. *crossed fingers*

I haven't made a lot of progress on reading this week, although I suppose that may have to do with reading four books at once...