January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year

Auld Lang Syne

Today was really no different from yesterday, although we got the house cleaned, Christmas decorations down and put away, dog walked, and... well, not a lot more. It's amazing how much bigger the living room looks when the tree comes down.

It's startlingly cold here (for us, anyway), with a high today of 46. In many ways I love this -- I like cold, I like wearing my winter clothes, I like being cozy inside, I like all the trappings, but since we're not exactly used to it, it's, well, COLD.

So most of the day I've been watching the Simpsons marathon and thinking I should do something else. There's a LOT of food left over, including the black eyes, which came out pretty perfect with the turkey sausage & kale (they didn't have collard greens at Sprout's).

I wanted to see Despicable Me 2 but Amazon Prime Streaming is charging $10 to "own" it (no rental) and Netflix doesn't have it at all. Sheesh. Sometimes I wonder about these places -- when it comes to movies, they almost never have what I want when I want it, and I end up with a DVD I set aside and don't get around to watching like forever.

I wanted to get a cover for my new Kindle Fire, so I went to Amazon, checked through all the cases for my edition, read reviews, choose the one I wanted, ordered, and found out it isn't going to be available until January 15.

I only read 29 books last year. TWENTY NINE?!?!? I used to be able to read that in a week. I need to definitely do a lot more reading in the coming year (although I hesitate to say, it may be an addiction to a certain Freemium game or two...).

As I said last time, no "resolutions." But I hope to maybe eat a little better, hopefully get a little more exercise, and read a bit more.

Happy New Year!!!