December 28th, 2014

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Another Year Over

But still a few days for the new one to begin.

I spent the weekend mostly relaxing -- I did not volunteer to work on Saturday, so I slept in, and then we walked the dog and went shopping. We didn't have anything in particular to get, just checked to see if anything was left on sale anywhere; World Market was picked clean, See's was out of my favorite kind (Scotchmallow -- but we got some candy anyway), Costco was the same as always and we got things we needed (they are finally actually carrying the replacement canopy for the carport in-store, so we finally got THAT replaced), and tried to avoid the grocery store because we have a really, really, REALLY full fridge. We checked out Last Chance and I found a nice pair of sneakers, but the jeans I liked were too expensive.

We cleaned all the things, watched most of our favorite holiday specials that we hadn't seen yet, and now I'm watching the Craig Ferguson Thanksgiving episode, because yes, I'm THAT far behind. But that's okay, because there won't be any more new ones. *sad face*

I saw an article about the end of the Colbert Report and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and in comparing the two, the reviewer called Ferguson's show a "noble experiment that failed to live up to its potential." I think he missed an essential part of the show, which was that Craig really never gave much of a rat's ass what reviewers thought of him...

I still haven't cleaned off the old Tivo completely (the new one was set up on December 5), but I'll keep the subscription for another few weeks until it's all clean and then I'll disconnect it and cancel, moving forward with only the new Roamio, which has FOUR, count 'em, FOUR channels of recording ability and a LOT more HD space than the old Premiere.

I have most of the coming week off, because early in the year when they say, "what holidays do you want off?" I always put in for New Year's, since the competition for it is low. Yay, more relaxation. I'm assuming, judging from what I left on Friday, that I will be coming back to a New Year of more overtime, so I may as well rest while I can.

Christmas was lovely. Barb's mom didn't feel like coming over, in the end, so it was just me and Barb and a whole lotta turkey:

There are still lots and lots of leftovers, and we've been eating turkey since Thursday. (Turkey sandwiches, turkey teriyaki, turkey soup, turkey casserole...) Even I'm ready for something else.

Couple of weeks ago we went to see the Zoolights. They've updated to all programmable LEDs, and it's gone from beautiful and amazing to OMG AMAZING. I finally uploaded some of my pictures (I still need to do more, and the videos I shot -- I need a video editor so I can add music or something):

Oh, and be careful about turning your back (or blinking) around our Christmas tree:

Do I have some New Year's ideas (not "resolutions," mind)? Sure, but if I speak them out loud I'm sure I'll screw them up. They're apparently like wishes that way. :)

Hopefully I'll update again before the end of the year. I've been sucking terribly at this journal lately.