December 24th, 2014

Christmas Minions

Happy XMas (War is Over)

Funny how that song is just as topical today as it was when it was written, almost 50 years ago.

But I'm going to let go of politics and news for the next day, and just immerse myself in Christmasy good feeling. I have had an eggnog & rum, and a couple of nice ciders, and now a pleasant little glass of wine (all pretty light on the alcohol, despite what it sounds like). The turkey is resting in its brine and will go into the oven tomorrow -- we waited too long to get one, and so all that were left were 20 pounds and up... we got the smallest one left, just over 20 pounds. YUM. (Yes, there are still turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving in the freezer. If it wasn't such a production, I'd have roast turkey once a week.)

I'm glad we had a light sushi dinner -- I've been snacking, very bad. I made my favorite chocolate gingerbread cookies this evening and as they cooled, I thought, "Why are they so flat?" D'oh! I forgot the chocolate chunks! Well, they still taste good. Nice and chewy, with a good bite of spicy ginger.

I think I'm coming down with narcolepsy. I swear, all week, if I stopped moving I fell asleep (this includes my desk at work -- it was not a productive three days).

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!