December 17th, 2014

Halloween Cat


I haven't forgotten this blog, I've just been crazy distracted.

Christmas is a Favorite Time of Year for me -- I love everything, even the shopping and the noise and the crazy crowds (me, who hates them most of the time). I like decorating and baking and cold weather and sweaters and coats and slippers and FOOD and all of it, and as I've gotten older, I seem to have less and less time to do all the things I love about it, so I'm running around trying to CRAM IT ALL IN. I'm tired, but I'm happy.

I have most of my shopping done, so anything I do in the next week or so will just be for fun, to check for any last minute items or fun stuff. I have bought (more than) a few items for myself, including the lounge pants I'm wearing now, which are decorated with minions. I love me some minions. (And yes, I want to see the upcoming movie.)

We went to see Big Hero 6, which was a joy. Stay through the credits, that's all I'm sayin'. Disney has started doing Pixar movies, apparently.

My arm has been hurting like a SOB. I've been saying I want to wait until after the holidays (taking a guess that seeing a doctor this time of year is a real crap shoot), but if I keep waking up hurting like this I may give up. Of course, they probably can't schedule an appointment until after the holidays anyway...

I have to work the Friday after Christmas, but I have all of New Year's off (Wednesday through Friday), because that's a LOT easier to get time off for.

It's finally nice and cool in Phoenix, although barely sweater weather, it's still better than it was. It was 45 yesterday morning, and 51 this morning (cloud cover). When the clouds clear off it should really cool down tonight.

Today we did our "Secret Santa," and for the FIRST TIME EVER the person who pulled my name actually paid attention to things I like, and got me these, along with a blind box vinyl figure that turned out to be the War Doctor. I was very happy. (And the girl I drew was also pleased with her scarf -- I'm actually pretty good at selecting presents for people, and I just "knew" the color was her.)

Usually office gift exchanges results in boxes of cookies or candle sets.

The really funny thing is I had meant to order those for myself, but when I first saw them at the BBCA shop, they were sold out.

I am finally cooking a stew in the tangine sillymagpie got me for Christmas LAST year. It smells heavenly. But I am very leery of using a ceramic crock on a gas stove, so I'm baking it.

The stew came out pretty good, for all I just cobbled it together from recipes in the book (I didn't have half the ingredients, but I have a lot of Indian spices).

All my email tells me today is the last day to order in time for Christmas.

I found a station on my new Tivo that shows old Night Gallery episodes. I recorded a few of them. I remember thinking this was the coolest, scariest thing ever (not that I was actually ALLOWED to stay up and watch it -- but I remember sneaking down and hiding behind a chair once or twice!). It sure is dated (filmed in the 70's, oh, yes).

I do love the new Tivo. Four channels of recording, so no more conflicts (I can but hope), and far more hours of HD recording time. It took a week to get Cox to connect the cable card correctly, but now that it's done, woot!

I should definitely try and get to bed early tonight. This going to bed past 10 and getting up at 4 is starting to get old (yes, I'm still working tons of overtime -- two pay periods in a row with over 100 hours on the ol' timecard... hence, the shopping).