November 30th, 2014

Doctor Santa

More NaNo

I'm still writing!  This is good -- last year I hit 50K and just STOPPED, which has been bothering me all year (although apparently not enough to do something about it).  Despite running around all day yesterday and today, I'm at 51,561 words and still going.

So here'sCollapse )

I'm rather glad I decided to stick with Grimm after all -- I think it just gets better every week, and despite the fact I'm still deeply invested in it, Once Upon A Time is showing its age.

I have to work a LOT of hours tomorrow, because I'm going to take as much overtime as I can this week while it's available. I spent a lot of money this weekend...

On the plus side, I didn't gain a lot of weight, despite basically having three Thanksgiving Feasts three days in a row!