November 29th, 2014

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Joy to All

Lovely Wasted Days

I feel like I didn't do anything at all today, but in truth, we got up and I cleaned the kitchen, then we walked the dog, and put up Christmas decorations (inside, we haven't gone through the lights yet), brought leftovers over to Barb's mom, went shopping, got some laundry done, cleaned SOME of the things, and generally did a lot of stuff.

But I still feel like I essentially have done nothing today.

And that's okay, although it does mean there's only one day left of this lovely four-day weekend, which is blazing past at the speed of sound.

I finished NaNo, hooray! The story isn't quite done, but I'm actually pleased with it, which is something else considering I didn't even have a plot when I started (hence why it started so slowly!). I wrote the "last" four thousand words just yesterday (for the win), and I'm about to get to the climax now, which means once I read through for edits, additions, subtractions, etc., it should clock in around 75,000 words or so, and I believe it's Young Adult Urban Fantasy when all is said and done.

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We have a surplus of pie. I made gooey pumpkin cake, but we froze what was left of that, since my family sent us home with both a complete pumpkin pie and a custard pie (neither of which Barb likes much, sadly), so hopefully anyone who comes tonight will want pie.

Lots of pie.

I can't find the lighter, so all the Christmas candles sit unlit now.  (Yes, I have matches. I'll do that eventually, if I can't find the lighter.)