October 25th, 2014


Okay, Weather

It's the freaking last week of October.

It should NOT be 95 degrees (nor should it be 91 on Halloween, which it will be, according to the Accu-Weather app).

The doctor put me on prescription painkillers to deal with my hip, which he says, after an examination, is likely merely inflamed tendons, which has strained the muscles. He says my range of motion is excellent, so I don't have arthritis or bursitis. But I would imagine a prescription painkiller should also be taking care of any inflammation in my arm as well, so why does that hurt like a freakin' bitch today? (And since I'm on this stuff, I can't take anything ELSE to assist... including a glass of wine. *sob*)

He said to give it at least ten days, so I can behave myself that long.