October 19th, 2014

Halloween Cat

Apparently I CAN Write

At least when I'm a little drunk on rum cocktails, as I was last night.

Twelve, making the Impossible Possible.

I still need to finish the spooky 11/River story, though.

Today we decided to grill and perhaps open the Tiki Bar, but just as things were starting to reach completion, the skies darkened and lightning & thunder began to fill the skies. The weather folks had assured us it would only be up north, and the Valley would get nothing... but when the rain started, I threw the food (thankfully completed) onto platters and we raced inside to eat. The Tiki Bar had to close much earlier than otherwise wished.

But the chicken was REALLY good.

At least it explains why it was so humid today. It was a beautiful morning, which we celebrated with yard work, but I think I got a little sun anyway, because I felt a little "off" most of the rest of the day with a thick head and funny tummy. Didn't eat much until dinner.

Another busy week beckons! It's sleepy time.