October 10th, 2014

Halloween Cat

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Halloween Cat

It Lives!!!!

Despite rumors to the contrary.

I have done something I don't remember EVER doing, which is call in sick to work four days in a row. I fully meant to go in today - I did feel better yesterday - but when I got up this morning I was still shaky and weird-feeling, so I gave up and called.

I went to the Walk-In clinic today and was assured it's nothing worse than a viral infection with a low-grade fever, and the way I've been treating it is sufficient: OTC cold medicine, rest, and plenty of fluids. Okay. The nurse practitioner DID give me a work excuse, but I said I just HAVE to get back to work on Monday. Despite the fact that, as I said, I've never done such a thing before, when I talked to the supervisor this morning I really felt like I was skiving off - but seriously, I only have to walk a little or do a little exertion and I'm tired and panting and sweating and shaky, so... I think it's okay.

The Crystal Bar in the Cosmopolitan hotel/casino in Vegas:

All those strands? Swarovski crystals. Seriously. It's two floors of crystal strands, and the bar is like sitting in the middle of a chandelier.

So I sit and watch TV for a while, get up some energy, get up, and after doing one or two things, must sit down again and cool off (it's not hot, but it's still somewhat humid for us, as the last of Hurricane Simon clears out). I've been alternating between freezing/shivering and sweating like a horse, which I figure must be the fever. And yes, I'm taking my medicine.

Today I sat down with my tea and was holding it against my chest so I could breathe in the steam (per nurse's orders), and somehow some sloshed over the rim and gave me a what looks like a pretty serious burn just above the bra line. It hurt like hell. (Was I channeling you, COM? It seems like something that would happen to you! *grin*)

While in the abstract I didn't mind spending a week at home, this was NOT what I had planned for this week.