September 28th, 2014


OMG Rain

Another major storm hit Phoenix yesterday, bringing with it astounding winds and great buckets of rain, pouring down on us while we were out and about in the midday point of Saturday. We had just come out of Goodwill when the winds and rain started, and figured it wouldn't be much so we'd go ahead with our plan to go up to Last Chance.

This was a tactical error.

By the time we'd driven the mile or so north, all hell was coming at Phoenix, and it was coming HARD. Trees were snapping in half like matchsticks. We got into the parking lot at the Colonnade mall to see dozens of cars crushed or buried by tree branches (or whole trees) -- some had clearly parked out on the edges on purpose to take advantage of the shade -- a common practice, in Phoenix! Rain was running sideways with the wind, and for a minute we considered giving up, but having come so far, we decided to go through with it.

We found a parking space and as I took a deep breath and went to leap out, the wind grabbed the door out of my hand and SLAMMED it into the car next to us. Damn it. The fellow who owned it had just gotten in it himself, so despite the driving rain, we did a quick exchange of information and finally managed to get to the store front absolutely drenched through. We went to the ladies' room and used some paper towels to dry off a little before going on down to our destination, where Barb DID at least find a good pair of boots.

It was still sprinkling when we got out, but the worst was gone so it was safe to drive again. Everywhere you looked was signs of destruction. We got home to change out of our wet things and let Maggie in, who had taken shelter from the storm in our driveway, then went back out to finish our errands clad for the weather (had been wearing capris and sandals - changed to jeans and boots, with leather hat). It was quite a change from the hot morning it had been while we'd been doing yard work! Glad we got the front lawn mowed.

Enjoyed last night's Doctor Who. He seemed nice and Doctory at last, full of hubris and irritation, but ready to save them all, no matter how annoying humans are. I still don't get the whole anti-soldier thing, though -- doesn't make any sense at all. The Doctor's never tolerated guns, but he's always willing to take on a soldier because he might be able to change their mindset, from the Brig to Jamie, all of UNIT, etc., etc. He's never been that down on ANYONE like that, other than the general "annoying monkeys" stuff. I did like the "argument with River" comment. But then, I like Gareth Roberts' Doctor stories, by and large. I guess I can get used to him.

Today it's bright and sunny, but cool at last! We've turned off the air conditioner for the first time in months. (It'll probably go back on again, it's supposed to be 95 by next Saturday, but for the moment.... ahhhh!)