September 15th, 2014

Halloween Cat

My tweets

  • Sun, 17:19: RT @FascinatingVids: This is a lion making a kill in the wild. It’s very graphic but it’s important to show just how brutal nature can be. …
  • Sun, 17:20: Binge-watching the last two weeks of @CraigyFerg - depressed we won't be able to see any of the final shows.
  • Sun, 17:21: Live, that is. We thought about it, but stupid real life circumstances made sure we won't.
  • Sun, 18:17: .@nutmeg3isme When she broke her hand, back in June. That was when we were discussing going. Were you at the Zoo that long? :)
  • Sun, 18:17: Twitter does make it hard for us novelists to get our point across sometimes.