September 8th, 2014

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Either I Spoke Too Soon

Or my general cynicism about Phoenix Weather came to a head yesterday. After my whinging about the lack of rain that had been in the forecast, last night the heavens opened and dropped more water on Phoenix in approximately 7 1/2 hours than we normally get in an entire monsoon season.

This was our parking lot at work:

And this, where it was flowing, is normally a fairly deep and very dry trench leading down to the Salt River (beyond the railroad tracks in the background):

And this, here, is above where the water was flowing down into the parking lot -- see all those big rocks? The water threw those all over the parking lot. They used to all be stacked neatly up beyond:

It was very impressive. Our house is pretty high up, while my office is rather low-lying, but aside from flooded streets and parking lots, we're fine -- however, Barb's office was closed, and nearly 20 people called in (or had to leave) at my work; it was the first time in all the years I've lived here that the freeways were closed due to flooding (that NEVER happens) as well as surface streets. It took our NPR announcer almost 10 minutes to list off all the road closures on the morning traffic report. Parts of Buckeye looked like a hurricane came through. Our wheelbarrow in the back yard is completely full -- we'll have to dump it before it breeds mosquitoes (a real concern in an area where the West Nile virus is known to pop up).

So... I guess I should complain about the weather more often.

Of course, it's still 90 degrees and now EXTREMELY humid (especially for us), and it's still going to top 100 this week. How's that?