August 21st, 2014

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Halloween Cat

This is What Half a Century Looks Like

Today I turned 50.

Not that I feel any different, mind you, but I'm feeling unreasonably proud of just having lived this long, and despite a few thoroughly unexplainable body pains, I'm in great health and feeling great.

Last night I went to see the great Billy Joe Shaver, a fellow whose name people may not know, but it's a good bet they know at least one of his songs. And if I'm as full of life and energy at 75 as he is (his birthday was just a few days ago), then I really will be feelin' fine. I just hope I manage to do as much with my life as he's done (although no chance of having Elvis, Waylon & Willie, or Bobby Bare sing my songs... or have Dale Watson WRITE one about me...)

Since the older guys actually start shows on time and don't play until the last dog is hung, I was home before midnight, but I'm quite, quite exhausted.

Our place is nowhere near where any of the floods happened -- it seems the last few years that the Phoenix area is still getting the same amount of rain annually, but we're getting it all in one or two days instead of spread out through the year -- and the town of New River paid the price. I couldn't help but look at the video from the area, and while my heart goes out to these people, the Arizonan in me looked at where their houses/sheds/horse corrals/etc. were, and thought, "Why the HELL would you build THERE?! It's CLEARLY a flood wash!" Of course, it's been a long, long time since we had a major flood, and those who had lived in New River for more than twenty years said they'd never seen it that bad, but still -- I've seen flooded washes in Arizona pick up boulders the size of houses and fling them like pebbles. Just imagine what it does to cars and actual houses. Seriously, once a MINOR street flood picked up a big semi/tow truck (the big ones) that dared to drive into it and carried it downstream. These things are absolutely NOT to be trifled with.

I've always maintained that water is the most powerful of the elements...

Today at work we had an Anniversary celebration for three employees with milestone anniversaries -- one 25, and two 15 -- so there was a pizza party. I was pleased it coincided with my birthday! :) They decorated my desk and gave me a coffee cake. Nom. I have balloons. Next week is the "goodie day" for the birthdays. It's a wonder we're not all round as balloons.

Thanks to all my friends who posted a Happy Birthday to me, on Twitter and Facebook, as well as here on LJ. *clings to all*