August 19th, 2014


Days of Rain

Finally. And lately, when it rains in Phoenix, it RAINS. We made the national news. (And the two reasons Phoenix gets mentioned on the national news? Catastrophic weather and Sheriff Joe. I do love my state.)

Enjoy this, for it is Cuteness:

For the last four years or so, we've been walking past this house. It's been for sale for much of that time. Occasionally, we dream of it, in a random way -- sell both our house and Mom's and she can live with us, because it's bigger than both our places; or maybe just to live in a big house with a ginormous yard that's still in our same general neighborhood and less than a block from our park, etc. But as the time passed and the house continued to be for sale even as other houses around it went up and sold relatively quickly, we finally decided to see WHY this house wasn't selling.

Seriously? A half-million for a house in THIS neighborhood? They're dreaming. Much as we are, thinking we could ever live there. But wood ("engineered wood") floors, wide open living spaces, marble countertops, gorgeous bathroom, fireplace, gas stove (which is a given, I couldn't live without one), ceiling fans, walk-in closets, desert landscaping, big workroom/shed in the backyard, huge patio and a pool (which we'd probably cover -- a pool is a good thing in theory, but in practice is a LOT of work, time, and money). Ah, dreams. And still, it sits on the market. We watched them build that front walk and garage, it used to be just a carport.

Judging by the listing, it must have sold between when it first went up and was just renovated by that buyer, since it says it sold in 2013. For less than half that price.

Our house would fit INSIDE this one...

Just gotta win that lottery.

I don't really have much else to say. Just nattering.