August 5th, 2014

Dangerous Thing

I Liked Him BEFORE He Was Cool

It amuses me to see all the hoopla about Weird Al, just because his new album hit #1. I've been a fan since I first heard "Ricky" on the radio back in 1981.

Not that I don't LOVE the new songs, mind. So far it sounds like one of his best in a while. (The last few have been hit-and-miss, although it's tough to top "White & Nerdy.") But then...

Gotta love him.

I remember this morning waking up to a dream where Donna ran into Doctor Four. I may have to write another story.

A couple of weeks ago we finally started watching A Game of Thrones, but only had a chance to watch one episode. I tried looking through our boxes of books to find Barb's copy of the first book, but it's REALLY FREAKING HOT to be digging around in our shed, so I checked Amazon for Kindle editions, and found the entire "Song of Ice & Fire" volumes 1-5 on sale for $20, so I downloaded it. I know just enough of the show to know I should NOT get attached to any of the characters, but it's HARD. I can see why this book spawned so much affection. (I'm not horribly spoiled, but I know a few key things. I don't look for spoilers, but I haven't avoided them over much, either; I also know the last two books are less well-loved, but I'll probably make it through the whole series, just 'cause I do that.)

I have been, for the last few years, starting to dislike eating much after around 7 pm; at first it was because it tended to be those calories that would hang around the longest, but lately it seems to cause me serious stomach problems. Since I'm on the late shift this week, I got home last night at around 6:15, then we were meeting Barb's brother and mom for dinner -- as such, we didn't get fed until 7:30 or so. I felt a little sluggish last night, but today all day I've had a bad stomachache, almost as bad as when I had that stomach infection (which it may very well be, albeit somewhat milder than it was then). It appears I shall be one of the senior citizens eating dinner at 4 in the afternoon. :P /CraigFergusonOldManVoice

Today I've had some yogurt with fruit and some soup. I have no appetite at all, but I don't really feel too bad as long as I'm sitting still. So of course I'm running a training class at work.

All three of the guys in my training class (of fifteen) are gay. What are those odds?