June 17th, 2014

Easter Island

Very Bad At Blogging

I've been meaning to update here for days. Somehow it's already Tuesday (time goes by quickly on vacation) -- we leave for the Pacific Northwest tomorrow, for a few days with family and then a few days with friends. Looking very forward to the cool weather.

Of course, we had a major cooling spell here -- the last two days it hasn't been above 101.

Several months ago on our regular walk, we had chanced upon a mostly-grown kitten, a pretty little thing with grey stripes and white bib and feet. She was definitely feral, but would keep an eye on us, and she appeared to be very interested in Bo (she'd get reasonably close, so she could investigate him, but no closer -- and we were not allowed anywhere near). She had a little nest under a part of the wall of the apartment buildings, and we knew people in the apartments took care of her (they moved the dumpster so she was protected from the parking lot, and she always had plenty of food and water). Some while ago, we noted she was definitely pregnant, and then one day, I saw the kittens had been born in her nest. We kept track of them when we walked by, and saw that many other people were taking care and stock of her and her kittens, too. A few days ago, we could see the kittens' eyes were open, and there were at least two -- one with grey ears and the other sort of cream-colored. They weren't coming out of the nest yet, but someone in the apartments had put a big block of wood on the driveway side of the nest so they couldn't wiggle out that way.

But on the way HOME from that walk, the nest was abruptly cleared out, and in the days since we have seen no sight of Kitty Mama and the babies. We hope the man who we'd seen feeding them carried them off to someplace to be adopted, because that's the best thought we can have.

In any case, seeing those tiny little fuzzy faces makes me REALLY want to Hug All The Cats. I need to go play with kittens at the shelter.

I forced myself to finish something, in theory for Father's Day, although my own father passed away almost thirty years ago; it's not great, but it's first time I've written something since NaNo, so... nightmaresaloon It's up now.

So mostly I've wasted the last few days sitting around watching old The Simpsons episodes, and most of Dragons: Riders of Berk. I had been going to spend this delightful day getting my first colonoscopy, but found out my insurance won't cover it until I'm ACTUALLY 50 years old. So we put that off.

So all last-minute things will be taken care of in the morning, and I'll have to figure out how to keep up on the specials going on in Simpsons: Tapped Out without being rude while I'm someone's guest... (Five tasks to complete each day! Emblems to recover! Have to get ALL THE THINGS!) :)

Speaking of tap-screen mobile games, I must express frustration for the number of such I want to play but aren't available for Android, only iPhone/iPad. Grump.